Are Nootropics Real?

Lately, a lot of people have taken an interest into a type of supplement known as nootropics. These supplements, also referred to as “smart drugs” are used by entrepreneurs, athletes, and college students to enhance their cognitive functions for a variety of reasons.

What has many people confused is whether or not nootropics are actually legitimate supplements. We’ve seen weight loss supplement scams like garcinia cambogia come up by now, so it’s entirely possible that nootropics could be following many other types of supplements.


Nootropics – What Science Says

Believe it or not, there are actually some studies involving nootropic ingredients. Ingredients like Piracetam and acetylcholine have been clinically proven to improve memory, improve alertness, and overall cognitive function. In fact, the “racetam” and “choline” family of compounds have been extensively studied over the past decade or so.

Many of the popular nootropics on the market nowadays contain one or many compounds found in the racetam family or the choline family. This is one quick way to tell that you’re buying a high quality nootropic supplement.

Other popular ingredients added to nootropics that actually have some clinical support include:

  • Vinpocetin
  • Huperzine A
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • 5-HTP

Side Effects of Nootropics

However, while nootropics might actually provide some level of cognitive enhancement, that does not mean they come without side effects. In fact, there are several reported side effects of nootropic supplements, although most people do not experience any noticeable change in their health.

Most commonly, you’ll experience side effects like headache, nausea, or the “jitters” – especially if the product contains caffeine. We openly try to warn people to show caution when buying nootropics with added caffeine simply because it increases the risk for side effects.

Our Recoomendation

If we had to recommend a nootropic supplement, then it would have to be Geniux. Geniux is a well-known nootropic supplement that contains over 20 brain boosting ingredients that naturally enhance your memory, learning ability, focus, and productivity.

Geniux is trusted by over 100,000 real users just like you – who all have the same wish; to improve their cognitive function. We’ve found hundreds of success stories around the internet involving nootropics and in particular Geniux.

We found an awesome Review of the Geniux Brain Pill and welcome you to read more about how Geniux and nootropics can help you.

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